The 8 types of figure of speech are majorly used by the person in order to differentiate the way of saying things to the people, which means a person can say a lot of the different things in different manners with a lot of the different meanings. And the same can be judged and understood by the other person with the help of the commonly used types of figures of speech in the English spoken and written languages. 

The following are the major as well as the top 8 types of figure of speech used in the english language to be used in the statements:

  1. Simile

Two completely different and unique things are being compared in this particular figure of the speech. 

  • He walks like an elephant 
  1. Metaphor

In this particular 8 types of figure of speech the 2 completely different kinds of the ideas are being compared to each other. 

  • Her heart is of gold
  1. Personification

In this particular figure of the speech that the non living things are being treated as the main subject in the complete statement.

  • Angry clouds are hidden behind the sun
  1. Apostrophe

It is being used to make live the objects present in the statements that are not actually living. This basically emphasises more on the non living objects in the talks and statements.

  • The poems or stories like twinkle twinkle little stars 
  1. Oxymoron

These are being used to compare 2 words, which are in contrast to each other. 

  • Jumbo ants
  1. Hyperbole

It is used to exaggerate the statement.

  • Everyone knows me better
  1. Punctuations

It is used to create humour 

  • A child runs faster
  1. Alliteration

It is a series of words with similar pronunciation to make a person confused while speaking it.

  • She sells seashells 

The 8 types of figure of speech are based on or are majorly followed by the below mentioned major C's in the language. Have a look at them. 

  1. Clear
  2. Concrete
  3. Concise
  4. Completeness
  5. Courtesy
  6. Correctness
  7. Consideration

The 8 types of figure of speech is considered to be one of the important and a very necessary elements of the English language all across the world. As it is being used by all the people in order to know and understand that what exactly is the manner or the way of saying the thing to the other person. Some times it has also been said that the meaning of the actual thing and informative talk is been completely changed by the person as the same can not be said by using the figure of speech.